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xThisTimeImperfectx (profile) wrote,
on 5-4-2005 at 12:57am
i've been sick lately. ._.; it sucks. i thought i was gonna like die last night. but i didnt so yay?

Lalala.. okay. i think im gonna go play video games.
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05-11-05 10:30pm

I must say, I do adore your musical tastes, miss.

I do indeed.

I can also agree that being sick does, in fact, suck. I would know, as Iím recovering from three (3) months of an upper respiratory infection. Oh yes, pity me.

No I'm jesting, donít.

Iíll follow your lead and commence with video game-playing.

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Re:, 05-12-05 7:46am

Why thank you. :) I hope you feel better soon.

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