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hnybee288 (profile) wrote,
on 5-5-2005 at 4:17pm
Let's see.....Today in Biology i had a lot of fun. First I helped Heather, Megan, Amelia, and Colin count our pennies for the coin war. Then we worked on this map thing on biomes. Then we started to talk about seeing a movie Saturday. It was my idea and at first it was just gonna be me, Evan, Victoria, and Evan was gonna talk to Krissy and Todd. But all of a sudden i hear that Victoria has invited a lot more ppl. So from 5 ppl, the number has bounced up to 15...i was like "woah" So now we all have to figure something out. Im not really a big fan of large groups cuz its hard to talk to everyone and then ppl split up and end up going where ever they want. And like to be honest, if it were up to me, i would only go with Evan, Krissy, and Todd. And get this.....half the ppl going r ppl i dont even know! Later im supossed to call the theater and see if they will let 14 and 15 year olds see a rated "R" movie with out someone 21 or older coming with us. Cuz it use to be that we were alowed to se the movie and just thave a parent sign all the ppl in...but now that the theater changed their name, their rules might have changed too. Also on Saturday....Megan came up with the idea that we go to Garfield's for dinner and then see the movie. I have to let her know later about the rule thing so we know if she should make reservations or not. Some ppl just decided that we should have a party at someone's house but it would be weird with parents there.
I was supposed to have soccer practice tonight but it got cancled....yay :-) i wasnt really in the mood to go ne way.
I have this stupid thing for hw for biology and its gonna take forever so im gonna go work on it. Later.
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