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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 5-5-2005 at 4:39pm
Music: sublime - wrongway
Subject: thingy
>Name: Kimberly Saunders
>Gender: female
>Age: 16
>Location: WV
>Mood: Tired
>Height: 5'9 or 5í10
>Status: single
>Job: no job at the moment

>>Love and Crap<<
>Are you single? yes
>Do you want to be single? It donít really matter
>If your single, do you have a crush? Not really
>Do you think he/she likes you? I donít know
>Ever been in love?: I think
>Ever thought u were in love: sure have
>Your sexuality?: straight
>Believe in soul mates?: no
>you believe in love at first sight?: not really

>best friend: I cant pick just one
>known longest: known all of them just as long but been friends with Keshia Price the longest
>Smartest: well Tabi and Jenn are both pretty much the same smartness
>Tallest: Daniel (f.e.s. from Norway)
>Shortest: either Allison or Tabby not sure
>Most Random: can I pick myself? lol
>Weirdest Conversations: donít know I have weird conversations with all of them
>Prettiest: cant answer
>Hottest: not sure cause thereís a few
>Funniest: All of them are funny
>All around best: not to sure about that

>>Fill in the blanks<<
>I am ... The Pope
>I need... a nap
>I can't ... spell
>I'm SO ... tired
>I will never ... bit the duck
>One thing you should know about me is .. Iím very random
>I wish I had moreÖ. animals
>One thing I would change about myself is ... me being soo tall

>In your CD player: a mix from Keshia
>Favorite Band: have way to many to pick just one.
>Favorite Type of music: I love any type of music
>Favorite song: i have a lot of favorites
>Play any instruments?: yeah (baritone, trumpet, drums and learning then guitar and somewhat play piano)
>In the school band?: sure am (field commander)
>Do you wish you were a band geek?: Iím fine with being a band geek J
>Do you like to dance? Yeah only the retard dances tho

>Color: Baby blue and orange
>Kitchen Utensil: Sporks (does that count?)
>Animal: Piggies
>Breath mint: I donít know what they are called
>Gum: I like all gum
>TV show: Gilmore Girls
>Radio station: 106.3 or 107.3(oldies) or just 100.5 depends on how Iím feeling that day
>Word: BAM
>Number: 84
>Greeting: Hi-ya
>favorite food: pizza or Chicken
>School Subject: music
>Thing: not sure

I'll actually update later... even tho it will tell you i didnt update till tomorrow cause im dumb and like to wait till after midnight cause thats when people stop talking to me lol.. Much Love and God Bless

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