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rebma231 (profile) wrote,
on 5-5-2005 at 8:14pm
Current mood: Fumongous
Music: Sting- Russians
Subject: Rotations eh?
School yet again what can I say? In 8th grade we have rotations, this year our rotations were Spanish, Technology, and Careers/life skills [The bastards cut out art!].

Of course I got Technology first with the ‘OK’ man/Child Molester Mr. Heyser (Only a few will get that joke)…

Then I got Mr. Shaw for Spanish, I still yearn to tell him to do office magic [Watch Arrested Development]. Soy Un Perdidor what can I say?

Then I got Hell boy also known as Mr. Benjamin! Mr. Benjamin first of all has colossal bitch tits [See fight club to get that one]. He has a monotone voice and lots of sass! You know he’s a Hottie, yet he is not. He’s a horrible teacher and of course he teaches social studies and careers. The two worst classes in the history of mankind and the history of my life! “Ooo Instead of writing essays today we’re going to tour the library!” YAY so much fun isn’t it? Mr. Fuckin- Benjamin just makes me too damn angry.

This entry was much less ‘smart’ than my last no? Well Winston demands that you don’t notice that, she is fuming and would like nothing better than for you to not give Winston negative feedback alright?

Jager still continues to love you.
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