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chanel24 (profile) wrote,
on 5-7-2005 at 10:39pm
Music: 7 minutes in heaven
Subject: whats upp
today is saturday. friday samm and i went to ruby tuesdays and target and omg there is the foxiest little bitch working at target! lmao i am in love with him! haha i want to meet him (: if i see him i will get the balls to go talk to him. haha gosh, hes so cute (: ok whatever

so last night nick told me he likes me. it was kinda suprising. i was happy but then i was just like.. over it. anyways he called me a liar today? i was like umm ok. so i was talking to ryan about it and he was like "thats suprising for how he talks about you" and i was like whattt, so anyways ryan wont tell me what he says but he said that i would be pissed and i know ryan wont sell nick out like that but it makes me really curious. so now im just like.. well whatever if he talks crap about me than its already not worth it. ugh these freaking boys are freaking rediculous! haha gosh i deserve so much better. haha chrissy is like freaking out about it (: haha i love him. aw he told me about his date with tara! aw soo cute! haha aw i wish every boy was like chrissy, hes so sweet, im so stoked for him! i think its adorable!

so tonight jeremy came and took me and samm to target and to like mcdonalds and all over. it was pretty sweet. i got a batman watch that is badasss! and a blue and white towel that i thought was cute lmao. it was pretty sweet. tomorrow is mothers day (:
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