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love4skate (profile) wrote,
on 5-9-2005 at 8:11am
Current mood: cheerful
Music: the fan. its this awesome band... it goes wooooosh.
Subject: im the happiest ive ever been. :)
well guys... my weekend was pretty cool. got off of work at 5. called anysia... went to her house. then went to some play ; her sister was in. it was horrible. but me,anysias mom, and anysia made it so fucking funny. it was awesome. people thought we were literally crazy. it was funny. :) then her mom dropped us off at my house. we got dressed up... dresses panty hose,make up, hair, and everything.. wanna know why? we dont know. just some random thing. thats my middle name.. :) anyways, saturday didnt get my hair done cuhz my mom is gay. hung out with anysia. went to target got my mom some pretty random/awesome mothers day presents . :) dropped anysia off. went home. i dont remember what i did. sunday.. went out for brunch at some super fancy place. had to wear a dress. grrrr. with makeup,high heels,hair,blah blah. My feet hurt so bad. After that. went to my grandparents house. tanned for a bit, then went on the computer.. met this really awesome kid matt. hes really hott.. and hes awesome ! i love that kid. :) we talked about alot . we have ALOT in common. we're saving up money to see eachother... but he lives in the same town that i have family in so i can just visit them. :) that'd be cool. he likes me alot. and i like him. we're cool. and we're both going to the vans warped tour ! :))) soo... im in computer now.. and its really gay. he thinks he's teaching us stuff... we're not even paying attention and we'll forget by tomorrow . lol . oh well. well im gunna go. catch you guys later.

shake down you make me break for goodness sake
i think im on the edge of something new with you
shout out dont drown the sound ill drown you out
youll never scream so loud as i want to scream with you

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