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chalupaguadalahara (profile) wrote,
on 5-9-2005 at 4:43pm
Wow, it's already the last week of school. I cannot believe it. In a matter of days I'll already be a junior. It seems like I just got into high school. I can't imagine what will change in the next two years; so much has changed in the past two. I'll be sixteen in eleven days and I don't even have my permit. That angers me; I'm going to be a year late! ugh. It's not like I have a car though or will get one...except maybe that beast of a grandma mobile that my mother drives now. Jesus. I hope this summer will be alright. I won't be able to go to Ellen's cookout or probably the party later that evening this Saturday. Effing work.

oh, I saw him drive by in his car the other day.

I'm sick of being in disrepair
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