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tboblp (profile) wrote,
on 5-10-2005 at 11:49am
Subject: Grades, bitch! Grades!
Physics (3 credit hours): A
Class Piano (1): S (It's an S or NS class)
Music Theory I (3): A
Sight Singing I (1): F
Applied Lessons, Guitar (1): A
Guitar Ensemble (1): A
College Writing II (3): B-

GPA: 3.334

I'm very happy
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05-10-05 11:24pm

Tylerbob you rock my socks. Congratulations on the awesome GPA!

...Sight Singing?

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Re:, 05-11-05 1:28am

eh, its like part ear training part singing. I can barely sight play music on guitar, let alone be able to sight sing it on pitch

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05-11-05 6:32pm


Sight singing sounds scary... XD

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05-15-05 9:48am

Props to you for having an A in Music Theory. =)
& Physics too!

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