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court04 (profile) wrote,
on 5-10-2005 at 9:18pm
Thursday we went to the British Museum. That had some really cool things. Then I went and got fish and chips with becca, jess, and rose. That was all right. Not what I expected. That night the whole group went on a “Jack The Ripper” tour. That was interesting but pretty disgusting.

Friday we got on the bust at 9 and went to Bath. It sounds like Bahhth. That was a really cool town. Very pretty. We went to the Roman Baths. They were so cool. Then we went and toured a Abbey. For the rest of the day we walked around the town. Then we went to the Bed and Breakfast. After we unpacked we went and looked around Salisbury. Becca, Jess, Megan and I went to this Italian restaurant. It was so good.

Saturday we went to this old church and walked around Salisbury. Then we went to these ruins of a castle. Then it was off to Stonehenge. That was really neat. I cant believe those rocks are so old! After the group got home we all went out to a pub. That was tons of fun. We were celebrating Brian's 19th birthday. We danced to some Irish music and other kinds of music. Americans know how to dance, all of the British people would come over and watch. Becca, Jess and I had some British boys meet us at the pub. So we talked with them for awhile.

Sunday a lot of people went to church at the singles ward. Then Rose, Brian and I went to the museum to do a art assignment. Then we went to the internet café. I tried to call my mom to tell her happy mother's day but she wasn't home.

Yesterday we all went to Dover. We took a train that was about 2 hours. We got to see the countryside, which was pretty nice. We went on a boat tour. Then we went up to the Dover castle. We went on a tour though the Dover cliffs. That was really interesting. There was a hospital and a lot of other military equipment from the 30's and 40's. Then we went and toured the Dover castle. I really liked doing that. Walking through the castle was so much fun.

Today I went to school. Then I went to the art museum. I had to look at some sculptures. Then about 15 of us went and bought tickets to Chicago. Then I went and picked up my laptop. I finally have internet in my flat! Then I went and watched the play. It was so good. I really liked it.
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