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chanel24 (profile) wrote,
on 5-10-2005 at 7:25pm
Current mood: confused
hey hoebags. well today was tuesday. yesterday was a B day and it was pretty ok. i wasnt in the greatest mood because i was sick off my ass but thats ok.

i came in late cause madre wouldnt let me stay home so i spanish was normal, math was pretty fun. omg at lunch! ahaha ok so paige's new thing is like all this british slang? haha mm whatever so they had this list of like british slang words and it had like prostitute, whore, masterbater and things like that on it and so danielle and kathleen were reading it and flannery takes the note out of their hands and reads it and then takes all of our names! i was like what the helll! i didnt even get to read it. whateverr. so resource was eventful. so i gave nick head massages and colin leg massages haha it was freaking hilarious! and um nick and i were pretty flirtacious i guess but when i was with ryan he like got all overprotective and pissy so i was like wtf? so anyways i was decorating ryans binder and stuff and i was writing him a poem haha and so i was trying to get colin to help me but he was studying so i got nick too and i drew an arrow writing "nick's poem" and he like flipped out and ripped it! i was like wtf? pyschoo! so anyways then he ended up calling me a hoe and like freaking out! soo i just ditched him to hang out with ryan which pissed him off even more. gosh. lmao on the way to the lockers ryan and i held hands and um i saw mr.sharples so i was like "SHARPLES!" and he looked at us and was like "ohh!" so now i know hes going to be all in my asshole about it tomorrow in health! hahah it was freaking hilarious! now molly is stalking ryan about liking me and hes sending it to me. lmao its hottt. ok so i have to go watch ethan now ): bleh ok write back sometime tomorrow probably.
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