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chalupaguadalahara (profile) wrote,
on 5-10-2005 at 9:07pm
Subject: To Abner and Ingrid
Welp, today was the last day that Ellen and Amber will be attending school. The rule of the Iron Fist has gone out of its golden age and has been passed to Michelle and I ~sob~ I won't have anyone to say what da heww with...
no one to PUNCH me in the stomach or drag around and "fall ovah" with after lunch. No one to "open mouth kiss" or scream CARLEY across the lunch room. No one to talk about boys with and realize how shitty they are but how wonderful they can be... no one to sit around and drink from a gallon of chocolate milk and have honking peice of mousse cake...or to impersonate roza. No one to tell me when I'm being an ass... and then still love me later on or to walk around town with...or play wonderfully with my hair... go on rides to no particular destination and talk conceitedly and about the weird things of the world.. no one to have huge limades with. i cant cough into your sweatshirt now after smoking my first joint and kiss you goodnight at the lamp post. I cant go for a ride in the boat or go round and sing the beatles in german, crack jokes about progeriatic children without people looking at me and not know what im talking about... i cant admire your art, your writings, talk, laugh or have fun in the same places. Some of these things will still happen, and many things will pass forever. I love both of you and I wish you all the best. I hope our paths will be crossing repeatedly for a very long time. If we ever fall out, just know that I always loved the both of you, I've appreciated all of the experiences and all the laughs, the tears, the time you called me on the phone with your heart on your sleeve and i didnt know what to say... the time you finally opened up to me about a lot of things...I can't replace these awesome times we've had. How we've laughed! I'll miss you both so much... I hate that I'll only see you next year in your pictures on the wall. I'll always remember. I love you

Go get 'em
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05-10-05 11:47pm

Aww... Evan, you made me cry. Thanks so much, you're so good with words. I'll be here anytime.. don't count on ever having to let go of our friendship because you think I've stopped caring or thinking about you, I'll still be right here, you'll ALWAYS be in my heart. I appreciate you and everything you do.. I'll miss you and everything about you. Stay the same, don't let people change you.. you're amazing the way you are. *GIANT hug* I love you. <3

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05-11-05 12:50pm

Aww jesus. I'll take you to college with me :)

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