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Banana (profile) wrote,
on 5-11-2005 at 9:14pm
Current mood: disappointed
I just came from outside. Taryn, Trenton, and I were feeding Odette, our pet swan. We can hand feed the thing. I actually think the swan is a male but I still named him Odette. You have to hand feed him because the fish like the bread too. I feed the fish alot too! They are my pet fish. They are all named Blue, Sunny, Lass, and Pete. Obviously depending on the type of fish. I heard some rumors...

I heard that Ryan Gorter swallowed the mercury, the hazordous material team totally trashed the senior hallway, and Kasey Grunwell was somehow involved. That is about it. I actually want to go to school tomorrow. I am not looking forward to another day added on!! Oh, well. I was kind of bummed that our game got canceled.

Well ttyl!!!

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05-12-05 10:16am

its asinine to say that gorter swallowed it, but he did bring it, no one know about grunwell, and the haz mat team probably did trash the hallway because they might have to pull up all of the carpet.

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