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chalupaguadalahara (profile) wrote,
on 5-11-2005 at 11:41pm
Good Evening. And a good evening it was. It began when Cortni, Erin, Andrew and Tara picked me up in Cortni's Mercury convertable..which fits four legally... so i was like in the floor the whole way to Bolivar. Christ is it a small car! We met with Liz at Taco bell and had a nosh before going to Buffalo for church, which was ok. I met some really nice guys and a gay one that Jason said wanted to meet me. I really have to talk to Jason aboot that. We then went back to Bolivar and went into McDonald's so Cortni could fill out an application. We were sitting in a side room when Liz looks through the door and says..oh that Bryce? Not believing her, I shrug and go look.. my heart sank. there he was...with two a white shirt.... I still feel torn open. I went directly for the door and he did a ..triple take basically. Andrew said he turned to the girls after looking and began talking to them. Liz kept saying OH EVAN COYYYYNE as i came near the room so he would hear. Completely embarassed!!!!!!! Just this morning, Catalina told me that he told her to tell me "hello..." very odd for what he described to Ellen on the phone a few months ago. I had just seen him on the weekend too. God things happen in threes!

We played wal mart tag afterward and then took andrew home...we drove by these people on the Humansville square like...6 times and yelled about hot pussies and how much they wanted for a go. lol it was hilarious. Then oh, we passed this huge carcass on the highway... i got stuff out for our skip day tomorrow to Caplinger Mills annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd yeah. two days of school left. I feel like I'm dying again. I hate this
I hate how you can push my buttons without even trying!!!!
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