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neverending (profile) wrote,
on 5-16-1996 at 6:06pm
Current mood: mad weird
Music: switchfoot
Subject: live like tommorow
hey all,man this past couple days have been tough.i dont know what to with myself anymore. im so torn.i have come to some major crossroads and i dont know where to go.i have been trying to call neilee but noone answera.i need some one to talk me through this....i had this mad crazy emotional breakdown at youth group and i think neilee did too.god opened up my eyes to many things and spoke to me in a powerful way. i just dont know what to do!i hate myself so much for being like this.i hate myself for making myself unlovable. GRR!i shot my new gun today. i shot a robin. i shot my target and i shot and killed a mourning dove. i played with my go-kart,went riding. i have been doing everything to occupy myself.i feel so vunerable.i lost 7 pounds this week from not eating. i need help, but im afraid to ask.
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05-28-05 3:21pm

i dont know what you dont understand about me wanting my hoodie. i asked nicly for it online, and you said you would wash it, and then put it in my locker. if you decide to not give it to me, i will either come over and get it from your mother, getting you in trouble for stealing it. or, ill simply call the cops just to be a super asshole. oh, and please dont doubt me, i will do it if i dont get it back.

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05-28-05 3:25pm

Please change the email you get notifications sent to. I keep getting what people comment in my inbox about your posts.
thank you.

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