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court04 (profile) wrote,
on 5-16-2005 at 9:02pm
Current mood: cheerful
Wednesday i went to the art musuem for class. The whole group went and saw Shakespeare's "The Tempest" at the globe. We had to stand the whole time because it was supposed to be like it was back in the olden days. Later on a bunch of us went out to eat for Jana's birthday. We went to this Italian restaurant. That was really good, i got a pizza.

Thursday I didnt have an assignment for my art class. I packed for Scotland. Then Becca, Chris, Adam and i all went out to eat. We went to Wagamamma's because Adam had never been there before. The boys paid. What nice british boys! The whole night i kept telling Adam how it was bad to smoke. On the way home he told me to get people to tell him that it was bad. He didnt think i would do it but i did. The three people i asked agreed with me. It was funny. The last guy that i met was from the U.S. so we ended up talking. Turns out he was the manager of the band Queen! Can you believe that. I asked him if i could meet the band but they were all scattered around London for the night, so it wasnt possible.

Friday we had to wake up and get on the bus at 4. It was so early. We got to Scotland around 10. We checked into the hostel, which was kind of disgusting. Then we went to the Edinburgh Castle. That was so pretty. We also walked all around Edinburgh. That night we went to this restaurant called "Frankenstein" we thought it would be a good place to go to for Friday the 13th.

Saturday we all went to Stirling. We went to the Wallace Monument. That was pretty cool. The tour guy told us all about the war that was in Braveheart, he also said that movie is mostly false. Then we went to another castle. Then about 8 of us went out to eat at an Indian restaurant. I am in love with Indian food. Then we got on the train and went back home.

Sunday was a free day. So a bunch of us went to North Berwick. That was such a cute and small town on the coast. We played on the beach for awhile. Then we walked around the town for a bit. Got something to eat and took it back to the beach and ate it. Then we got back on the train.

Today we got back to London. I did laundry today, that cost 10 bucks to do one load! I could not believe that.
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