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chanel24 (profile) wrote,
on 5-16-2005 at 8:49pm
Current mood: cheerful
Music: ipod
hey kids (: today was monday ugh. haha um it was an A day so that was pretty good! my spanish exam posters were due today but we're presenting next week. basically because we have SOLs coming up! so anyways spanish was ok, math was boring cause my lover christian wasnt there to damn play with me! whoree! haha im going to yell at him tomorrow! so anyways lunch was good. just me paige and devon. haha i love lunch even though we're losers and dont party with anyone else! lmao tony the freshman dared russell to give someone a wedgie and the cop told the art teacher to keep our table here and paige devon and i didnt even know what the hell was going on but we were the people on the other half of the table so we got to go (: haha it was retarded. i was sitting there yelling like "WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE?! HOW RETARDED!" haha i dont understand why i havent gotten my ass kicked like 2938234 times. anywayss, the it was resource which was pretty fun. lmao OMG! connor duffy did this rap and he was so little and white and he was like "skeet skeet bitches get down on the flo" and like "hoe takes off they clothes" and random shit and colin sean and i were DYING laughing! haha i have never laughed so hard in my life. omg.. ill probably make him do it for me again tomorrow (: cause thats how cool i am. um anways then we had teen living and we got to cook mac n cheese with cornbread it wasnt that bad. i had pat and anna in my group so that was good. and i was manager so i got to boss all the kids around (: haha OMG anna and i had to pee cats and dogs and i was going to die so after anouncements we RAN to the bathroom and i broke my belt and pee'd for like a straight minute and then my pen fell in the toilet! and i was like damnittt! haha so i just flushed it and now its all retarded and clogges (: lmao whooops!

hm so hailey told me today that she likes nick a lot more than she likes jimmy. and i really want to tell jimmy because i think of him like my little brother but another part of me is telling me not to get involved so i have no idea what in the world i am going to do. ugh! well anyways nick ignored me most of resource so i partied with sean and colin! haha it was so fun! i love my resource boys and girls (: haha so um i sorta kinda think that i like ryan.. but, he acts like he likes me but when i ask him who he likes he says no one. hm.. i dont know whats going to happen with us. we'll see. gosh.. haha just thinking about how freaking mad nick would be at me! well what the hell when is he not mad at me? its rediculous! so that reminds me that i have civics with the 2 boys tomorrow. seems like it will be interesting. always is! watching me and nick pretend like we really want to yell at eachother for something. lmao. he still doesnt know that ryan has been telling me everything since day 1. how retarded. anyways im gonna go finish watch desperate housewives. later kiddos (:
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