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chanel24 (profile) wrote,
on 5-17-2005 at 5:43pm
Current mood: calm
Music: hands down
Subject: lmao today kicked ass
haha omg today was rediculously fun! english wasnt a total SUCK FEST (: (lmao stfu) so thats good. haha we just took notes and we ended up just getting wayy off topic lmao paige told this story about how when she was little she used to eat cereal all the time and she used to like.. make families out of her cereal? so she always made sure that all the families were together on the spoon? lmao she is FUCKED UPP! haha she pretends she was like 5 when it happened haha i know she was really like.. FOURTEEN! LIARR! (: i love that girl! lmao ok my FAVORITE PART! SCIENCE! lmao! ok so paige and i turned in our super sweet poems (: lmao and jake sang this song on the guitar and it was funny so then christian went up there and sang this rediculously HILARIOUS song and he had to hit these high notes and paige and i were seriously shitting our pants! lmao omg.. you hadd to see it. omg, hahah im still laughing about it! haha soo anyways then health was boring and lunch was really fun with MR.PETER! lmao im in love with him! and um then civics was kinda fun but kinda gay with nick at the same time. i need to talk to him about all of this but i dont really ever have the chance! but i think im just gonna have a brief little thing with him tomorrow at the very beginning of resource. hot. lmao the bus ride was really hot (: had to be there!
we're just a bunch of horny kids.. on the back of a bus

lmao at the end of the day, i was with danielle, melissa, and ryan but then danielle and melissa left so it was me and ryan and we were having the funnest (sp? haha) time ever haha so we were just kinda like grabbing eachothers arms and i was just like.. i dont even know how to say it but like.. ugh i dont know (: haha well we were just flirting like crazy and it was cute (: haha i really dont know how i feel about ryan, i love him as a friend but i dont deny that we have potential.. hahah (: well im gonna go be a hoe around here somewhere.. later hotties!
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