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Stroker (profile) wrote,
on 5-18-2005 at :00pm
Current mood: annoyed
Music: Bound - By Disturbed
Subject: Hey everybody!
Haha, 8 more days till my birthday. I don't have any plans but I'm shure I will think of something. I am so fucking sleepy right now it's not funny. I got like a whole hour of sleep because some people in the room made noise all fucking night. The really bad thing is that not only can I hear in the dark but I can see too. So haha, like a fly on the wall I am scard for life. Dam trevor and his being sick and coughing all dam night. If he wasn't busey I would have smothered him with a pillow just to get some peace and quit. I'm just jokeing, Or am I? Haha!

Drinking is bad. And now you know.

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this is peanut, 05-18-05 11:32am

drinkin isnt bad, it makes you feel better for a period of time, and i dont see why you said stuff happened, cause uh tom... nothing did, i passed out on the floor in your room, and only woke up when someone coughed uncontrolably. but lol, whatever you wanna think there tommy boy, you make a ton of noise in your sleep.

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Re: this is peanut, 05-18-05 11:57pm

I never said anything happaned. I was talking about Tevor and his dam crystal lungs. Coughing and hacking all dam night. And the dam lights in the living room being on all nght.

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05-18-05 1:19pm

Yeah dude, you are the noisiest sleeper I have ever heard.

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Re:, 05-18-05 8:54pm

I don't know. Remember when Jessika was over here? She was louder than a jackhammer, dude!

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05-18-05 3:34pm

HA! its my fault trevor got sick! bwhahahahah!

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Re:, 05-18-05 3:48pm

Yeah it is! *achoo!*

At least I'm feeling better today.

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