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fishyrere (profile) wrote,
on 5-19-2005 at 7:09pm
i finally found a computer to update on. yay. i've been doing ok i suppose. today wasn't a good day though. too many things were just not going my way and i'm really getting sick of people. i want them all to just... go away sometimes. i guess i know what you mean now Ben. seniors are gone now. the hallways seem so empty and most of my friends are gone now. you will all be missed greatly. me and adam went to "the club" today. it was depressing. just me and him. no joe. no em. no brent to walk me to bio. it was like the cherry on top of a horrible day. then i went to practice and it was cold and raining and i rolled my ankle on the ball and it KILLS now. but we dont have practice tomorrow so thats good. our last game is wed. its pretty crazy. but i'm ready for it to be done. dont get me wrong, i love it but i need a break really really bad. i'm so stressed out lately and it makes me not a fun person to be around as i'm sure you all noticed. i've been trying to get a handle on things but i just cant for some reason. i feel like blowing up at people for no reason at all. so i keep to myself and of course theres always the person who keeps on asking you over and over again if you're all right and no matter how many times you say you are they just keep asking and then you want to go off on them and its just not good. *sigh* i'm gonna stop now. i've complained enough for all my missed entries put together.

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05-19-05 7:42pm

Complaining is allowed. It's what these journals are for. To keep people updated on all your latest gripes and moans.

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05-19-05 8:51pm


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05-19-05 9:19pm

hehe yeah people suck

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