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SeraphimRhapsody (profile) wrote,
on 5-19-2005 at 9:38pm
Current mood: nostalgic
Subject: I will. Believe me I will.
I'm bored. Neopets is down and I can't find something else to hold my attention. Hmm...maybe I'll go read...

Excpet that we left my book in the auditorium after the awards ceremony. -.-;; Oops. The Life of Pi. Good stuff.

I feel very senior-ish. It's scary. And weird. I came back on campus Tuesday and it was like I didn't belong. Which I didn't, and the soldiers at the gate didn't make it any friendlier, but still.

I walked around the campus like I owned it, which I did given the senior right. Every place I glanced at a memory hit me. I sat and talked with my teachers. Spent minutes just hanging out in places, no place to go. I sauntered down the halls after the bell had rung. I passed the APs without a care in the world. I hugged the nurses. I chatted with Ms. Kelly about her leaving with us.

I went back to the band room and just walked in, middle of class. I passed the snares with a smile and went for my basses. I fed them doughnuts, like I'd fed everyone else who crossed my path. I played Singles with them and gave them encouragements and said a prayer. I hung out with Cameron and Austin and helped them plan the stuff. They asked when I'd be back.

I looked around the campus....and felt like it was completed. I had learned what I was to learn. Accomplished pretty much everything I was supposed to accomplish. Witnessed. Experienced. Felt.

I guess you could call it closure. Not something I usually get.

With love...
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05-20-05 12:47am

Never go through the main gate, man.
Make friends with "Sam" and go through the band room! =-D

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Re:, 05-20-05 10:09pm

lol! Yeah, I did that at the end of the day. But for the beginning the main gate was closest for the Ierace.


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