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lifestourniquet (profile) wrote,
on 5-20-2005 at 4:41pm
Current mood: content
Music: Nightwish-Chest of wonders
Subject: 6 month
$1,531,236 American dollars, thats how much Im worth on human for sale. *laughs* I got it off a friends friends journal. Did you know Australian thats 3, 002, 537 dollars? *laughs* Hmmm just got a message from my SAC supervisor...she's worried that I havent been in. Ive been really stressed over it and have had a pretty bad week so I just...yeah....Haven't been in. Gah. I MUST go in on Monday, I have to, or Im going to be kicked out of the course. I need to catch up in all my subjects. Gah. This weekend. Catch up, definitley.

Me and Lauren recently had our 6 month, who would have thought hmm? We actually made it to half a year...christ if we make it to a year Im going to shit my pants. lol. As it is if I become her longest relationship Im going to throw a god damn party, if she becomes mine an even bigger one. Only thirteen days till I'm hers. *laughs* Scary that I know that huh? Its only an approximation though, she said 6 and a half months. Hmmm and Justine was at 8 months. Anyhow....I hope to give Lauren her surprise tommorow, I intend to fill my entire room with approximatley 70 candles (jesus their going to be a bitch to light and blow out) *laughs*

Anyhow....wish me luck with all these things.
Take care all.
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05-20-05 7:53am

Good Luck!

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05-20-05 12:21pm

good luck with the schooly stuff. and as for the candles, light the bigger ones first lol. im glad things are going well with her and that youre happy. <3

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