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chanel24 (profile) wrote,
on 5-20-2005 at 8:10pm
Current mood: bouncy
Music: bend and not break
Subject: tgif
yayy its friday. even though it doesnt really feel like one.. its freaking hideous outside and i was looking forward to just laying in the sun forever ): too bad thats not going to happen now! damn. anyways. i think im getting my freaking rediculous phone fixed tomorrow! thank godd! haha i miss it to pieces (: everyone keeps telling me how they've left me 292834 messages. its going to take forever to listen to each one! oh well, haha id do anything for my phone haha. well jeez i have a bunch to catch you whores up on

so anyways. brandon told me that he likes me and i was like umm.. haha it was really unexpected! its flattering but im really not that interested. he's kinda fun to flirt with i s'pose but still. not really my type. soo he kinda got off and on mad at e and i was talking to chris about it and i was like "should i just tell him i have a boyfriend?" and he was like "yeah dude say its me!" so i did! lmao! its the freaking funniest thing ever! so anyways chris and i were "together" but then we broke up and now we're "together" again lmao! im so mean but what brandon doesnt know wont hurt him! too bad chris & i's fake relationship is freaking spreading like wildfire among random posse's.. sexual. haha mere is freaking maddd at me like anything! oh well. i dont really give a shit because she was like begging me to go out with him last night pretending like she only "wants him to be happy" and i know mere better than to believe that and no way in hell am i going to date brandon. what the hell.. i would have to be madly fucked up on some LSD! haha hailey was like "um yeah thank god you didnt say yes because thats disgusting" hahah (: i was flaming mad with hailey but im learning to accept those things that drive me up the wall about her. OH YEAH! holy shit so now mere is acting like she is all best friends with ryan! ryan and i are like wtff! i am so overprotective of my close guy friends and there is no way in hell that mere is taking ryan from me. he is my bro. so anyways ryan and i were walking in the halls and i was telling him that she was trying to like.. turn him against me and he was like dude i know its so gay! and all she does is talk shit about me and tell ryan things that he doesnt care about! she doesnt understand how close we are because anything she says about me im just going to hear from him later. i love his loyalty (: it makes me smile. but yeah im really pissed at that. mere is an absolute retard. i dont understand why its such a big deal - we're not even dating. she told hailey she was mad because i was "all over brandon in front of her" and i was like wtf he gave me a HUG! jesus christ. talk about making something out of nothing. she has serious mental issues that she needs to work through because she doesnt understand how any of this is working. and its definitely not in her favor so she should get lost and if she tries to take ryan away from me i will CUT HER! god damn. haha dont even think i wont.

soo before i go into a jealous rage (: lmao um my day was pretty fantastic. i had spanish - gay. math - sweet. lunch - good. and my favorite class ever.. RESOURCE! i had so much fun! so anyways nick blew off hailey to work with me. i "helped" him with english. haha it took us like 45 minutes to do virtually nothing! haha so we decided to get up and go work in the corner by ourselves (: lmao hailey was so jealous! omg when nick and i were working next to eachother like in the normal area, hailey came over and i was really close to nick like.. our bodies were really close to eachother and i was just like putting my head on his shoulder and hailey was trying to do the same thing and it was nott working for her - lmao it was hilarious. i was so mad that she was even trying to intrude on us. gosh. anywayss so he ditched hailey to work with me more in the corner and hailey was like "thanks for ditching me nickk" and i was like "um im the new spanish whore, bitchh" lmao and she got really mad and i loved it (: i dont know it was just fun being with nick because i hate it when he gets in those moods where hes just pissy. so he IMed me and was immediately like "so i was wondering who you like" and i was just like well i kind of like you but im not sure and he was like sweet, thats cute. so i just laughed and then i was like "why who do you like?" and he just said "im not sure" - i mean it doesnt really bother me that hes not sure but i mean i cant deny that i would love for him to like me back but i dont really know.. i have like really strange emotions about it. i dont know how to explain it. but no matter what i always want to be good friends with nicholas because hes my hoebag (: haha nicocito (: lmao
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