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threshershark (profile) wrote,
on 5-20-2005 at 11:23pm
Music: Old carousel organs
This day has been a mixture of good and bad

I got to see Star Wars today with Brett and Ray, it was cool. The acting was kinda bad but I love going to any sort of movie so it was good. The robot king was awesome, so was Obi Wan and Yoda and Padme sorta (she had her good moments)... so was that lizard thing Kenobi rode on. You could tell how close Aniken was getting to the Dark Side throughout the movie as he glowered more and more and his eyes got yellower. Pretty sweet. Awesome action scenes to make up for Skywalker's monotoneness (four lightsabers at once! Sweeeet!).

Also I looked for jobs... I applied to four places, one was like "come back when you can drive", two were like "we don't feel like hiring you but we'll keep your ap on file", and ONE... a promising prospect... the man actually said he'd give my ap to the manager. Yesss.

Iiiiii liiiiiike looooootsssss of leeeetterrrrrsss.
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05-21-05 4:44am

Rock hard. Good luck with the job(s).

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