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CallistoMoon (profile) wrote,
on 5-22-2005 at 3:34pm
Current mood: sick
Music: Breaking Benjamin
Subject: I miss Joe :(
Eh . . .so yesterday was our Band concert. It took abouta bizzilion hours. But afterward, my mom bought me liquid eyeliner for Avalon :-D w00t. So I'm ok with it.

Today Dana, Aisha, and I went to Walmart with my dad. Fun fun. I'm bored . . .but I'm gonna go with Dana to Carly's Voyagers concert. That should prove enlightening.

Can wait for the next event. . . .Grr. . . . I miss soo many people. Its depressing. Eh, worse things could happen, right?

<33333 to Joe.

~The Heartless One
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05-22-05 8:49pm

you guys did pretty good yeaterday i thought,hope you feel less lonely because over the the summer you will probably feel even more distante from people.Stay close to your friends...
Oh and have fun at avalon

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05-22-05 9:11pm

omg wth I pwn your jonx b-cuz eye wub woo

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05-23-05 5:16pm

Dana > Keely...

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