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yadiffy04 (profile) wrote,
on 5-23-2005 at 2:36pm
Current mood: Want to jam
Music: Roadhouse
Hey all, its been a while, so I thought I would update. Not too much has gone on, Im in the market ( if you know what I mean) and I dont like anyone now. So, Im going to the HS concert tomorrow, I quit my band (Runaway Train) Im in a new band, and yet another band wants me in. So if anyones interested, I play bass and Rythym/Lead Guitar, I play Classic Rock/ Blues, and I just do it for the Old Time Rock and Roll! So.....

Nit much has gone on in life now, but Im thinking about making this friends only, because of some comments, and some people. But hey, its a free world, and Im not in the mood to start something with anyone. So, 4 weeks till HS, cant wait, lots of new oppertunities.

Megan, we need to actually talk for more that 5 min at a time, lol.

Aubrey, I miss you soooo much, its not funny, good thing I get to see you tomorrow! Bee Eff Eff Eel!!!

So, yah, Im gonna go now cause Im bored, and I have nothing to do, hmmmmm........
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05-24-05 12:03am

It HAS been quite a while...I wasn't sure if you went "friends only" or something but yeah.

You're so popular...I've only been asked to play for maybe 2 bands. -.-

stay awesome!
♥ jean

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05-24-05 10:25pm

a wide world of oppurtunity awaits you!


oh yeah, you should come to my house this weekend cuz im gonna be bored as hell.


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05-25-05 8:11pm


I'm just ao busy. I haven't got much time to to talk longer than 5 minutes, really.

So sorry, hun.


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