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court04 (profile) wrote,
on 5-23-2005 at 11:05pm
friday i woke up at 530 and went to the airport. anne marie picked me up! she was so cute, she brought an american flag and was waving it. then we went back to her place and hung out for a bit. she had to go to work for 2 hours so i took a nap. when she got home we ate dinner with her family. then one of her friends came over and we all got ready to go out. then we went to this bar/club place.

saturday we slept in till 12. then we drove to this city about 40 minutes away. i actually drove, it was just like the u.s. except the signs dont have words on them, they are just blank. we went shopping there. all the shops closed at 4 so we didnt have that much time. that night one of her friends came over and we watched this big european show that happens once a year. each country picks someone to sing and then they compete and all the countries vote at the end of the show. it was pretty interesting.

yesterday we went for a bike ride. then her dad took us out on the water for a sail boat ride. that was tons of fun, i have never been on a sail boat before! then we went for a walk, i was a pretty active this weekend. then we went and rented "little black book" from blockbuster.

today i flew back to london. the whole group had to go watch a play at the shakespeare globe. we saw pericles. it was pretty good. it was really cold though. afterwards some of us went to starbucks. i got this really good chocolate cake.

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