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chanel24 (profile) wrote,
on 5-24-2005 at 6:18pm
Current mood: annoyed
Music: such great heights
Subject: meh
today was.. um tuesday. i have my freaking civics SOL.. im going to bomb it badly. lmao its not even funny how bad im going to bomb it. ohh well! haha um well spanish was alright. not exciting but whatever. math was pretty good. um lunch was confusing cause all the schedules were messed up! gosh. well haley was on our shift! yay! haha it was fun! paige got these "chewing sticks" from this kid ben and she gave one to me and they tasted so fucking weird but then i was like addicted to them! lmao! they probably we're like dipped in god damn heroin or something! lmao and devon showed us this guy whos a heroin addict and is in her latin class and all he does is like have these spaz's and i was shitting my pants! it was the funniest fucking thing i have seen in my life! so anyways, um then i had resource and it was good for the most part like.. it was just me and nick and we were talking and working and it was fun but then colin came and then so did spencer, chris, and ryan so i was the only girl out of 6 freaking boys! oh gosh. well chris rapped me a story about me and random shit and it was hilarious but then he got a little too touchy and i was like umm.. so i got up and left and walked around a little and then i came back and i just talked with colin because hes my homie (: haha so i was kinda dissapointed that i didnt really get to party with nicholas all that much but whatever. so then i had teen living and it was good for the most part. lmao hailey's group made these apple fritters and instead of using sugar they used salt! omg.. i wanted to throw up it was so disgusting! lmao it was the funniest thing i have ever seen in my life. and um thats about it. except for on the bus i was freaking asleep and derek slapped me and was like "black mamba!" and i was like you dont even fucking GET IT! and i couldve said something really mean to him but i didnt because i didnt feel like getting in to it with him but hes just a retard and tries to look cool infront of thomas because he is a fag and a half. well im gonna go probably take a shower because my hair is a hot mess. later boys and girls
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