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ddeastroyer (profile) wrote,
on 5-24-2005 at 7:44pm
Current mood: happy
Music: Wish You Were Here -- Pink Floyd
Subject: Wowie, I never update...
I did that do what you are thing on the internet and this is what it said:

People like you are intense, private, and creative. You are a highly imaginative and intellectual person, and you are rarely satisfied with anything less than a full and logical understanding of issues. Serious, quiet, and cautious, you probably tend to initially hang back from new social situations, and you are pretty selective about which activities you get involved in and which people you become friends with. You probably have a small group of trusted friends and also enjoy spending time alone, delving deeply into the subjects and activities that interest you. For the most part, you tend to keep your feelings and your private thoughts to yourself, or share them occasionally with your very closest friends. You have a rich inner life and enjoy learning, reading, and may especially enjoy studying perspectives or lifestyles that are out of the ordinary. You quickly grasp complex concepts or theories, and are able to glean the less obvious meanings of information. But you may have little patience for anything superficial or repetitive.

You are super independent and are willing to stand up for your positions, even if others disagree. But you may also be somewhat stubborn and have difficulty changing your mind once it's made up. You are also a naturally skeptical person who questions the way things are, so only a sound logical argument is likely to persuade your convince you. Calm and emotionally self-contained, you don't like when other people exaggerate or over react. Overall, you are much more interested in meeting or exceeding your own high personal standards, than trying to please other people.

I thought it was incredibly accurate...

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05-25-05 1:08am

That sounds accurate to me as well. Where'd you find this? I'd kind of like to do it myself, for curiosity. I'm a personality-analysis-holic.

Your description sounds kind of like me in some ways...I'm just not super independent or ambitious at all :P It'd be funny if we got the same result.

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05-25-05 3:39am

This is Mr. Dennouai's website thing huh?

I never got to finish mine... cause I was late to class.

No worries though. Je t'aime.

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