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callistomoon (profile) wrote,
on 5-25-2005 at 4:21pm
Current mood: bored
Music: None
Subject: Summer . .and I'm already bored.
Yep . . today was the last day of school. I'm so bored. Over at Dana's . . . about to go to her voice lessons. Eh . . .

So I have a 100 in EE, an A in WH, and something like a 96 in Alg 2. I passed all my classes . .go figure. Drivers ED this summer . .lmao. That should prove interesting/dangerous.

And there's still the matter of finding a job . .or a way to pay for the next EO and Murshank events . . then Blood Moon. Meh . .I'll manage . .I hope.


PS: Like the new layout? The music is from . .its uber cool. Go there.
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05-26-05 7:14pm

heh,you arn't the only one bored, summer is awesome, but it is always long and boreing,for me anyway.Hang out with as many people as you can, that should keep you busy.!..-! your new layout kicks ass!

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06-08-05 8:52pm

I don't like your layout as much as the old one. Sorry. And your music... just isn't "Keely-style." Once again, sorry. I'm not in a very good mood. I'm hungry, tired, and grounded. Still grounded.



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