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chanel24 (profile) wrote,
on 5-25-2005 at 5:38pm
Current mood: cold
Music: dont speak
today was wednesday and i had my freaking civics SOL (: haha um i thought i was going to fail off my blackass but it was pretty easy thankfully. lmao hailey and i were the like first two people done in our class and so we drew pictures for mr.dick and they were the funniest things ever! and i partied with peter too because hes the love of my life. but unfortunately i have my science and english SOLs tomorrow.. meh. well at least i get to miss spanish and math! so then i go straight to lunch then to resource and teen living! easiest flipping day of my LIFEE!

so after the SOL i had science which was mad boring. um then gym and i had a note to get excused but i decided to do it anyway because im cool and it was pretty ok. then LUNCH! lmao! it was hilarious! luke took miles's form thingy and wouldnt get it back so miles told me to try to get it so i got up and i got it from him and i started like running and i handed to em and luke got it from em so we started having like a duel to the death! lmao! it was soo funny so em and i got under the table and tried to get it from him and em and i went over at the same time and wrestled with him for like 15 minutes but we COULDNT get it! so we chased luke all the way down the hall and into the locker area and we still couldnt get it but miles got it back from him on the way to the buses (: lmao so then it was civics and we watched national treasure? and i was like wtf? and i was bored to tears but nobody would talk with me so i was like dying but yeah that was my day so i will write you homies later
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