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CallistoMoon (profile) wrote,
on 5-26-2005 at 7:47pm
Goddamnit all to fucking Hell. I can't believe some people . . .I hate how it can all change. I hate how someone can just act a different way than they used too . .

I hate it . . . but its the way life works. Sometimes I wonder . . . whats the point? Of any of this?

I'm tired of trying . .I'm tired of wasting my time.
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a.k.a. DarkAdonis58, 05-26-05 10:04pm

every one changes a little, even you. It is the person's decidion on how much they change though, but you can only influince people, not choose for them. I think there really is no poiont in life, thats putting it rather harsh but its very true. Everything has an to it, and not even love last forever, nothing does. So in the end, there is really no point. the only thing you can try to do is find a friend that is forever constant, and i wish you good luck.

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05-27-05 9:59am

Aww Kiwi... It'll be okay. <333

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