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jaganshi (profile) wrote,
on 5-26-2005 at 8:55pm
Subject: You may ask me one question. But I always lie.
There's nothing inherently wrong with lying. On the other hand, it could be considered the only real evil in existence.

Chibikeriana and I are having a conversation about sincerity in terms of being accepted at school. Here's my unabridged rant in all its glory:
I never thought of it as fear of negative reprisals, but rather in terms of the potential rewards of manipulation. A little prevarication here, a few windows washed there, and teachers don't question anything else they see. All they want is to believe that kids are okay. If you can help them do that, they'll get you anywhere you want to go.
I figure it's better to live a lie than sit at home for the rest of my life contemplating a sincere suicide because I'm sincerely dissatisfied with the way things have gone for me.
A lie is often better than nothing. As much as I value the truth, in my experience the only ones who know what it is are the ones who are forced to contrast it with something. As much as you can apply the laws of economics to abstract concepts, the more scarce truth is, the more people realize how important it is.
I tell the absolute truth to one person. Everything else is a lie. And I like it that way. The way I live is the way I live. I lie. The sooner people accept that, the sooner we can all live in happy bunny peace and harmony.
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05-27-05 12:51am

who is this one person you tell absolute truth to? why is this person different from everyone esle?

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Re:, 05-27-05 7:26pm

They know who they are and why they're different.

Why don't you sign your comments? It's a pain in the ass for me to keep tracking the IP address every time you have something to say.

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