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danibean (profile) wrote,
on 5-29-2005 at 12:06am
So many things have happened. *sigh*.....

just 2 seconds ago i wanted to talk about it's all a blur. maybe because i'm sick

well....hmm...prom was wonderful. i couldn't have had a better time. i felt more beautiful than i ever have before. like a princess. tyler called himself my prince. it really was a fairy tale night and i was happy.

on the other hand, if prom sucked, i wouldn't be in the perdiciment i am in now. it's so hard to have such an night and promise only friendship. it was so natural, the week before, that magical night. and now i'm here....wanting to rewind and go back to get that kiss i never got, and dance the last dance i never got. i wish so bad i could just tell him how i feel. but no, i must be a lady, and wait.

as for everything that has been going on with people from the band bashing me, i reallly don't care now what anyone thinks. the thing is, music will always be a love of my life. but not my first, and not my only. i'm going to CMU next year to study spanish and be a's going to be great and i'm going to be happy. i'm making my life what i want it to be. if that upsets some people, then sorry, and too bad. there...and i've said my peace.

graduation was thursday. it's so surreal to me how it is all overwith already. now it's open houses to go to and planning my own. in 3 short months, i'll be 18 and off to central. my advice to everyone is to live everyday to the fullest. high school goes by sooooooo fast. don't ever wish it away. enjoy every teacher, every friend, every dance, football game, laugh and tear. because someday, it'll all be a memory. make it a good memory. i'll miss all of you. please keep in touch.

my open house is on Saturday, June 18, 2005
from 6 pm - sometime the next morning.
come for a barn dance, bon fire and lots of food and memories.
see you there!

much love........
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05-29-05 12:47pm

I love you Lolly!

Believe me hun, someday your prince will come....for real, please be patient.

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