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yadiffy04 (profile) wrote,
on 5-31-2005 at 8:40pm
1) Aubrey
2) Morgan
3) Jeff
4) Wade
5) Raul
6) Jennifer
7) Mikey
8) Matthew (J)
9) Sarah
10) Katie
11) Sam
12) Jon
13) Jordan
14) Megan
15) Randy
16) Luis
17) Jenelle
18) Ian
19) Brenna
20) Danelle

- Who is #8 going out with? Krista
- Is #9 a boy or a girl? girl
- Would #11 and #2 make a cute couple? They might
- How about #18 and #4? No, their both guys
- What grade is #17 in? 9th
- When was the last time you talked to #12? Today
- What is #6's favorite band? Greenday
- Does #1 have any siblings? yes
- Would you ever date #3? hell no
- Would you ever date #7? ^^^^
- Is #16 single? yes
- What's #15's last name? Swank
- What's #5's middle name? dunno
- What's #10's fantasy? To be dating #12
- Would #14 and #19 make a good couple? no
- What school does #20 go to? Terra Cotta
- Tell me a random fact about #11? We dated
And #1:Is going out with #3
And #3:Is going out with #1
- Have you ever had a crush on #16? ewww no
- Where does #9 live? down the street
- What's #4's favorite color? purple
- Would you makeout with #14? Prob
- Are #5 & #6 best friends? no
- Does #7 like #20? no
- Does #8 like #19? no
- How did you meet #15? baseball
- Does #10 have any pets?yes
- Is #12 older than you? no
- Give #13 a
- Is #17 the sexiest person alive? pretty close to it.
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05-31-05 1:26am

I see where I stand

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05-31-05 10:35am


Emm Jay has a gee eff?

Lol, the number one and three things rule.

If you ever dated number three I'd seriously be effing pissed.

A crush on Lou? Haha.

And number one is WAY sexier than number seventeen. Duhh, I thought you knew that!

& oh yeah... Kelli, get your ass over it. Quit being such a baby. You just suck.

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Re:, 05-31-05 6:18pm

I didnt know you and Jay were going out, lol. and Id be pissed at my self if I dated #3, what do you think I am. Oh, Lou + me = NO! and #1 is way sexier, but #17 is single for now, what now!

Youll always be my #1

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Re: Re:, 05-31-05 6:28pm

-blank stare-

Was that meant to confuse the hell out of me?

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Re: Re: Re:, 05-31-05 8:27pm

Yes, yes it was, only for you, lolthis actually happened, or else it wouldnt be in here. well, Ill talk to you later Megan, sign on when you can.

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06-01-05 11:37pm

mmm.... interesting... whered you get this? you should get like a quiz or somethin so i can do it hehe....


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Re:, 06-01-05 11:44pm

just coopy and paste it, lol duh, he talk to your parents about the weekend, its Sat, Sat night, Sunday 3o clock. Hey, tomorrow were going to a storm game, interested??? Ill call you with the details. Thanks again for WoW!

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