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jaganshi (profile) wrote,
on 6-1-2005 at 9:35pm
I'll be back in Plymouth in a little over a week.
I'm wondering who I'll see. If I'll get to introduce Brian to my arch-nemesis who really isn't as much of a threat as a nemesis ought to be. She certainly shouldn't be my nemesis anymore, but hey. Love fades. The hatred you felt for love's crack dealer will never die.
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06-01-05 10:01pm

That's your nemesis?

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Re:, 06-01-05 11:48pm

I think that's legitimate, don't you?

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Hooray!, 06-02-05 2:57am

Drop me a line when you decide to swing by. I'd love to see you again, and I'm sure a certain guy I know *nudge, nudge* would like to see you, too. We miss you, seriously. He asks about you sometimes.


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Re: Hooray!, 06-02-05 12:57pm

I'll only be in town for a couple of days, and as I'm there to be a bridesmaid, it'll be kind of hard to skip out on those plans.
Tell your guy I said hi, and that he should IM me when I'm online... or something.

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