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greenpixiestix (profile) wrote,
on 6-3-2005 at 10:58pm
Music: Comeback Kid - The Trouble I Love
Subject: freaxin' ya out
Asshole guys. Good grades.
*shrugs* At least there are certainties in my life.

I finally got a tube of that XXL waterproof mascara Nina was raving about. This is only the 2nd time I've tried to use mascara in my life, and well, I'm not very good with it. I'm afraid that I'm gonna look like that insanely religious Bakker woman with the mascara obsession.

Hardcore concert on Monday with the guy - well, the one guy who's kinda into me who doesn't make me want to vomit.

In other news, I like to cook way too much - so much that I didn't really mind smelling like weird spices, since I showered immediately after I was done. Today I made chana masala and hummus. Yep, I gotta conquer those "ethnic foods". HAH. *shrugs* One thing I've learned is that I really, really like hot sauce (which is probably the fault of that 1/4 Szechuan part of me). And I use chili powder at an alarming rate.

Yawn. I like boys. I'm like the female version of Vonnegut. I can't get over the way guys are shaped. Shoulders. Man. Maybe that's why I think the Library Dude looks good now. Back in high school, he was puny, but he filled out and has the broad shoulders. Damn. Suddenly he's attractive in a Dave Navarro kind of way.
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