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rebma231 (profile) wrote,
on 6-4-2005 at 1:22pm
Current mood: crappy
Music: I'm A loser Baby (So why don't you kill me)- Beck
Subject: Summer, it's good it's bad and it's ugly.
Hello to you and again anyone around you. My finger's hurt and anger seems to be what Iím feeling.
I graduated from the 8th grade recently but really it didn't matter much. The last day of school (yesterday) the entire 8th grade class was driven to Michigan adventures for fun, fun, and supposedly more fun. The theme park that we went to had well a theme park and water park and it was two parks for the price of one. But to back track, on the bus they sat us in alphabetical order. Regrettably ALL of my friends last names go past L and the bus I was on were A-L, so naturally I knew it was going to suck. But I was to sit next to one of the funnier kids (Evan K who also shows up later in my story), though I really only listened to music and slept on the bus. Okay, now that I told you about the two hour bus ride, we arrived at the park and I met up with Josephine, Randi, and Kayla. We started going around so we looked for our first ride. We went on the timber Town Railroad, a childrenís train, big enough for adults. Josephine sat next to me and when we rounded towards the tunnel I was like "You've seen Euro Trip Right?" so when we got out of the tunnel I was like "Mi scuse!" So then we got off and since Iím afraid of the following: Speed, heights, and scary things. They went on the rollercoaster 'Shivering timbers' so I waited in the area where people too scared to ride it waited and listened to, ironically 'I'm a loser' by Beck.... Then they got off that and looked at what pictures they had gotten taken of them on the coaster, boring eh? Then they went over to the 'Wolverine Wildcat' another coaster, so me and my sweet aviator glasses waited at the end of the line. I noticed Evan P., Evan K, Brittany, and Nerine sitting on some benches eating kettle corn and they invited me over because I was just listening to music waiting. I went over there and had some awesome kettle corn and let Evan K. borrow my aviators and he listened to my music. Then Jo and they got off the coaster and we went over to the lunch pavilion. There we got free hot dogs and some soda, on my plate the lady put a hotdog covered in mustard and some macaroni salad, I'm like "I don't eat this stuff" and walked off, I was trying to sell my plate to some people with the saying "No line, no wait, no impatience". Then Randi and Kayla split off and went to the water park, so I and Jo went on a kiddy ride escapade. We rode the Carousel about 10 times, switching animals every half time, and so the guy kicked us off. Then we scampered over to the arcade where I got enough tickets (79) to get an ass-load of jelly bracelets that I put on. Then we went and rode Bebop Blvd, where we met up with Julian and Ricky, who were also riding all of the kiddy rides. Then of course we all went to the bumper cars and damaged a bumper...oops.
And finally, more lunch for me we got pizza and played some games. I totally won the game where you throw the football in the hole, I WON. Of course at the end of the trip I bought a bunch of candy and hid it away in my bag to take it back on the bus and share it. Fun, no?

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