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court04 (profile) wrote,
on 6-5-2005 at 2:12pm
yesterday i went shopping with becca and reese. then we went and got chinese. then reese and i went to go see if we could get into mama mia but it was sold out completely. i was bummed, i really wanted to see that show. so reese and i went and looked at different shops. i bought a book. then we got icecream. when i got back to the flat i went and did laundry with rose and jessy. then we came back and packed up. i cant believe how fast the time went. talk about crazy!

today i went to church with becca and jess. the church is so amazing. i couldnt believe how many people were there. its so amazing how even if you go to another country you can find the church and it is exatly the same as if you were back home. after church i had to go to a group meeting. the group is off to paris this week. then i will be coming back and meeting my parents. then we are going around europe! so i wont have internet access till i get back home on the 19th.

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