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cherylee (profile) wrote,
on 6-5-2005 at 5:19pm
i love how when i write something real, something that i feel, or something that bothers me... i get no response from my 'friends'

but the instant i post a stupid survey, i get 10 responses.

love it.
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06-05-05 6:24pm

dont feel bad. Most people dont know what to say in those situations. Its even harder to say something when you dont know who you are talking about. Sorry but thats the way it is. And you cant point any fingers because you do it too. I dont know if this was directed to me, but it just caught me as odd. Because i do post whenever i feel i can say something and mean it. But who the hell knows what im talking about? Not me, thats for sure.

im gone.

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Re:, 06-05-05 10:13pm

No this wasn't directed towards you.
It is for no one specifically.
I just lied...
But not you in the slightest.

i'm sorry if i made you mad.

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