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SeraphimRhapsody (profile) wrote,
on 6-6-2005 at 7:33pm
Current mood: amused
Subject: dunadunadunaduna..BATMAN!
Kristen is a piggy!

I made icing today for my cupcakes since I figured I wasn't ever gonna get to the store to buy some. It's the reeeeaaaaally addicting icing with vanilla flavoring. So yummy! Thusly I've been eating a lot. ^.~

Hmm...what else is new. Finally joined facebook! It's pretty cool. And yeah, soon I assume I'll join the mob of people tackling other people to join.
So far I've been poked to join (beforehand and by those who didn't know) by: Leah (she won!), Amanda, Lauren, Tom, and Sam

I need to find a picture now...

This week is the doctor visit week. Today I had to get up eeeaaaarly and went to the eye doctor. Went better than usual, my eyesight is only a fraction worse and the bumps that've been under my eyelids for years have mildly improved.
Finally asked what my eyesight was against the '20/20' scale.
She said mine is less than 20/400.
Legally blind without correctional help - been that way for a while.
I can't even see the big E. ^^""

It's pretty sad and rather disheartening. Good times.

Tomorrow I get to go to the dermatologist. My skin's been...better.....but eh.

Wednesday is a shot. Ow. :'(

AND Mom told me that the way the allergy shots are setup wasn't how dad and I had thought....that was just how it fit in with school. Actually I can go any day of the week, they just close earlier on Monday and Wednesday. Isn't that great? Now there's no reason for me not to get 6 shots a week! Yay! *dies*

I hear Madagascar is a cool movie. There are so many on my list now. Hmm, I need to see Hitchhiker's Guide still. And Mr. and Mrs. Smith. And War of the Worlds.

I saw The Longest Yard. The funniest movie in a long while! Definitely a good one to see.

With love..
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06-07-05 7:31pm

Kingdom. of. Heaven.
Need to see. n33d.

Icing isn't even a real food, so it obviously doesn't count for pigging out. So eat without guilt. =-P

I feel your pain when it comes to being blind.
I don't even ask them anymore, I just know it gets worse each time.

Ew, shots. That's no fun. :*(


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Re:, 06-08-05 11:24pm

Oh yes! We need to go see that one!

:) Yay for non-real food!

Aye. Not many understand.



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