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Stroker (profile) wrote,
on 6-8-2005 at :00pm
Music: Dear Penis
Subject: I hate people!
I don't get mad easy but some people I know are getting on my nerves. This means you! Not you. SO BUGGER OFF AND LEAVE ME OUT OF YOU PROBLEMS!
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06-09-05 12:08pm

damn people *shakes fist*

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Re:, 06-09-05 10:57pm

Computer: $1,500
Internet: $23.95
Woohu Account: $5.00

Shaking your virtual fist at a bunch of losers: Priceless

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Re:, 06-10-05 3:28am

Hell yeah! *shakes foot*

Dammit, wait, that's not right...

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06-10-05 4:32pm

Yes, people do suck >=o

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This is Jess, 06-11-05 1:07am

AWH! tom tom what happend?

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