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loupgarou (profile) wrote,
on 6-9-2005 at 2:10pm
Greetings and salutations! Summer is here and how glorious it is. Especially that my sister is still in school. I chortle in delight, I do!
My dog smells like baby powder because he's got some cheap anti-flea anti-tick stuff on him.
I wonder how the smell must feel to him. Ick. If I were him and that crap smelled like it does, then I would be sick. Sick doggy.

ACKAPOO POO! I'm in a pretty good mood. That is good and it makes me happy.
..Because I am in a good mood.
I suppose...

I don't even know where the list for my summer reading is. All I know is that we need to read Wuthering Heights. I hear it isn't the most exciting book to read. Not lookin forward to it. What is "wuthering", really, anyway. I wonder what would happen if you used that in casual conversation with someone. Would they look at you funny?

"How was your day, Betty?"
"Oh it was simple wonderful! I spent the day wuthering on the porch. How was your day, Fredrick?"


"How has your summer been lately, dearie?"
"Marvelous! I went to the fair. It was full of interesting people and wuthering rides!"

Wuthering kinda sounds like withering. Withering rides. She spent her day withering on the porch. Now that would be interesting. However I don't think that if I went to the fair I would want to go on rides that were withering away. I think that that would be a tad bit scary.
What a relaxing day at the fair that would be.
My dog is being cute. Just though someone might wanna know...

You know what's weird about summer? There is always so much to do, but then you forget about it and then put it off and you get bored. And then later in the summer, all that stuff that you needed to do piles up and you feel overwhelmed, and you can't really be bored anymore.
I think I'd rather be bored than stressed any day.

Und vith that, I shall depart.
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06-09-05 6:40pm

"No entry found for wuthering.
Did you mean withering?"

Maybe it's a proper noun.

I refuse to read that book. XD

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Re:, 06-09-05 7:36pm

Hm that is weird.

Apparently the author of that book thought it was a real word. Strange indeed it is! Real word or not, it still sounds funny. XD

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06-09-05 9:31pm

Etymology: alteration of whither; to rush, bluster, hurl
Date: circa 1825
dialect English : to blow with a dull roaring sound
O_o.. Interesting.

Y'know, I used to want to read that book. I tried for over a month to get it from the school library, but no one was ever there! When I finally DID get it, I didn't read past the first few chapters because it was a bit boring to me..

I want to read it again now, but it's the summer!

..Hey, you ARE on my friends list.

-ponders going to town library.-

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Re:, 06-09-05 9:48pm

..Hmph. hath failed me again. /sob.

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Re: Re:, 06-10-05 3:09am

AOL's dictionary actually DID work. That's funny.

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Re: Re: Re:, 06-10-05 4:40am

That's.. like.. a bit terrifying.. and somewhat ironic.

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Re: Re: Re: Re:, 06-10-05 11:56am

It is, isn't it? XD

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:, 06-10-05 5:51pm

Oh yesh. XD

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