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sexzimimerz (profile) wrote,
on 6-10-2005 at 10:59am
Current mood: =)
Music: jodeci - freakin you
Subject: w h o a <3

i love steven lawrence campitelli 3
. f o r e v e r .

hate on it * =)

* j o d e c i - f r e a k e n y o u *
every freakin night
& every freakin day
i wana freak you baby
in every freakin way
every freakin day
& every freakin night
i wuna freak you boy
your body's so freakin tight

that hasto be the best song EVER =)
aint it baby?
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06-10-05 11:08am

In your picture, and heading, it's supposed to be "than" instead of then.

Oh, by the way, Hello.

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Re:, 06-10-05 11:12am

i cant fix the picture ; i dident make it, i just found it like that

and.. hello ;) 3

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