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livelikejackandsally (profile) wrote,
on 6-10-2005 at 1:57pm
Music: why should i care
begging please

why so many things lately? its like .. i got hit with everything. its so weird? i dont care.. well.. i guess i thought i didnt. so many things.. everything. everything is like whoa. nvm dont think of that.
i was in the mall yesterday and i walked by a perfume i bought about a year n a half back and i had to walk out of the store... thats what i was wearing that night.
wtf?? why do i care? why does it matter? grrrrrr!

= /

hanging out with David Dubois tonight.
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David Dubois, 06-10-05 3:50pm

i saw him working . . 2 or 3 days ago !!

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Re: David Dubois, 06-10-05 3:50pm

i saw him..... sunday?

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