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iwasthinkingthat (profile) wrote,
on 6-11-2005 at 3:52pm
Music: Boy Hits Car- Unheard
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Mmm, I must say I really love this weather. Its hot and the sky is clear. Now if it would just rain so I wouldnt have to stay at work long.

I havent updated in always. I have 3 more days left of high school. School was the worst part of my life so that means things can only get better. This summer should be wonderful and college will be different and exciting. Im so excited...a little scared but not sad about leaving.

Today I woke up and spent time with Jay and Allen. We went to the park and the mall. They are my only friends who are still the same. Its cool.

Came home...tried talking to my parents but they didnt give me the time of day. Its like they dont care about me anymroe and they just say whatever will get me out of their hair. They stress over this damn house and say its for me but in reality Im leaving so it isnt very much for me. They hurt my feelings a lot. They harp on me and tell me to do things but they dont take one minute out of their lives to talk to me. Not about anything. I feel like I live alone without bills. Oh well...if thats how they want us to be for the rest of their lives than thats their choice. Im not going to let them bring me down.

Well I have to work in a half hour for about 7 busy hours so Im leaving.

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06-18-05 10:46am

hey i had a ton of fun that day, well definitly do it again over the summer

we always try to be real B)


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