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Jaganshi (profile) wrote,
on 6-17-2005 at 5:22pm
Subject: I'm Lithaladhwen
Lithaladhwen: My mother said she just ate at a restaurant called "Massa's."
Lithaladhwen: She said the service was fantastic.
Lithaladhwen: When I asked, she said, "No. They did not call me Massa at Massa's."
CGNakibe: Heh.
CGNakibe: You had to ask, eh?
Lithaladhwen: Come on. Of course I did.
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06-17-05 5:41pm


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06-17-05 5:59pm

I'm not cool enough to understand this entry.

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06-17-05 6:20pm

...That's actually what I thought when I first saw that name, too. 'Massa's'.. Teehee.

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