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iwasthinkingthat (profile) wrote,
on 6-19-2005 at 1:30am
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Subject: You guessed it
Today has brought many different feelings. Good ones bad ones...annoying ones. I went to Laurens Graduation party and I had a good time. I still feel a bit unloved but I'll deal...maybe it'll be better. Then I went to work and got shat on by the boss again. Im the new scapgoat of the dip...not cool. And after last night and the mysterious message that I recieved with people talking about me...I was a bit upset. I dealt though. Stopped at Seans g-mas and realized it wasnt making me feel better so I went home. Jay then invited me to his house which was good. It was nice to see some people. After awhile there I took Allen home and then myself. Someone around here is listening to horrible music very loudly. I dont find that humorous.

Tomorrow is fathers day. I work the whole day and my dad is sick. Im such a good daughter...heh.

Im rambling and I dont want to.

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06-19-05 7:33pm

hopr you had fun


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Re:, 06-19-05 7:36pm

i did...usually do
thanks jay

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