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silentcriez (profile) wrote,
on 6-19-2005 at 12:39am
some of my poetry

when you spend time day dreaming
theres nothing you can truly say
to keep you away from the subject in your mind
its there all the time
but you know that theres this place
its made for those who say
theyre insane and they cant take it
so they mold your life and make it
what you want it to be
what youd like to seee
when you look into the mirror at your face
but they cant replace
the things in your life they say
they must stay.. they must stay


beauty in the wind and sun in the sky
leaves my eyes open and questioning why
all thats around me is falling appart
why my once red heart is now grey and dark
they cant give me an anser
they tell me lifes just a game
intense salutations and too many names
they play tricks with your mind
and theyll trick you with time
tick tock tick tock
too many hands on the clock
spinning you a round until you see
that your worlds all its cracked up to be
theres pain and horror
and curious delight
and the person in the mirror
is a delirious sight
insanity is not enveloped in a room
with white padded walls for you
or in the pills that they stick down your throat
its in the things ppl dont want you to know
on their secrets in their pain
in their one sided brains
its too much its all that they know
and theres nowhere to go..
nowhere to turn
its your turn to burn
tick tock tick tock
too many hands on the clock..
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06-19-05 4:03pm

don't worry, i will come more often. i think your great. i read your profile and im glad you love to make people smile coz i love to smile! you should visit my journal- its full of crap but i love it! hope youll visit!

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