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H2OforDuo (profile) wrote,
on 6-19-2005 at 12:00am
Current mood: Hyper as muther phuk
Subject: HERE I AM!
I never make stupid mistakes. Only very very clever ones. -John Peel



Yease, so anyway. I'me here, and I have been for a wee. This is like, the second time I've gotten online the whole time I've been here because my bitchass fuckbrained computer, Oni, won't connect to the friggen network in Aimee's house. Ehyah. So I'm on the Aim-Dawg's computer right now, which I am totaly unused to, so you'll have to pardon any typos.

I'm reading The Lost Years of Merlin and it is totaly fabulous.

VICTORY IS MIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNEEEE! *hyperhyperhyperhyper* I'm starting an RPG group! HAHAHA! So, there. I'm having my new found buddy, Kelly, who is totaly a D&D player, help me with the skills and magics list, as well as the races. I've got the basic plot down and I drew a map today. I've got the Character Sheets pretty much done, too.

Jon left for Wisconsin (Or one of those places) today. He'll be gone for a month and won't be able to use a phone or e-mail for that whole time. T____________T We'll be able to write 'n stuff, though. So that'll be good. He's excited about the rpg I'll be starting. I'm sending him the character sheets 'n stuff so he can think out a character (cause it takes him for-EVER XD). It's gonna be funn! I wish my Nee could be here to join us. I wish, actually, that my Nee-chan could rp with me in any way shape or FORM. -____- Grar. Well, anyhouse, this will be my first time Game Mastering (or GMing as we call it), so it should be interesting.


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06-19-05 6:00pm

Enjoy the GMing. What system are you using?
I swore I'd never gamemaster because it just seemed like too much work and too much pressure... but I was too obsessed with roleplaying to keep away. I couldn't think of any other way to immerse myself more in the RP world we use... so I did it. And I love it. Good luck, and I hope you have at least as much fun as I do.

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06-19-05 6:03pm

a D&D player, help me with the skills and magics list, as well as the races.
Oh. Duh.

Incidentally, that's the system I use, so if you ever want help with anything and I'm online, feel free to poke me and ask.
Also, if you want a reference site (since D&D can be tough to GM if you don't know it inside-out), there's a heavily hyperlinked system reference document at that might be useful for you.

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Re:, 07-07-05 11:21pm

Thankies. I'm not using D&D, I'm actually using my own system. I'll be sure to poke you if I need some advice ^_^

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06-24-05 5:22am

+puts up hands+

Yes, Yes...I know. My lack of RP-ness is sickening.
I haven't roleplayed since we last took a stab at it (well, real Roleplay...I've been slooshing about in Gaia bars...but it really doesn't count)...and it makes me sad.


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Re:, 07-07-05 11:22pm

I miss my Nee. This is the first time I've been online since that entry...We need to rp when I get back. *nod nod*


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