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Jaganshi (profile) wrote,
on 6-22-2005 at 6:02pm
Will Rennar: ...So you'd be running a combination cult/brothel?
Lithaladhwen: Possibly.
Lithaladhwen: Depends on the quality of my followers, really.
Will Rennar: ...This new faith intrigues me...
Lithaladhwen: We would worship the almighty Whatever High Up On The Thing.
Will Rennar: :O!
Lithaladhwen: The Whatever gives unto me amazing magical powers that are only visible to my followers after they consume the necessary ritual narcotics.
Will Rennar: Okay, that's it, I'm sold! ^_^
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The Truth Is Pretty Blind, And LAZY., 06-23-05 12:58am

Yeah... I'm in. Is there some sort of entrance fee? 'Cause I'm broke.

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Re: The Truth Is Pretty Blind, And LAZY., 06-24-05 1:15pm

Unless you can perform some sort of valuable service to the organization... yes there is a minimum donation to become part of our glorious family.

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06-27-05 8:18pm

All friends are being removed for reasons.
For more information ask Whispers.

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